Fewer veterans were homeless in 2018, after a worrisome rise last year – Military Times – 2018- 11 -01

WASHINGTON — The number of homeless veterans decreased by about 5 percent this year according to new estimates from federal researchers, an encouraging turnaround after disappointing results the year before. Housing and Urban Development officials now estimate about 38,000 veterans across the country are without stable housing on any given night, roughly half the number […]

The Number Of Children Living On Skid Row Has Doubled Since Last Year – The LAist – 2018-10-31

BY LEO DURAN IN NEWS ON OCTOBER 31, 2018 1:00 PM Families lined up in downtown L.A.’s Union Rescue Mission. The Mission provides shelter to many, including homeless families. (Courtesy Scott Streble/Union Rescue Mission) The holidays are right around the corner and an increasing number of Southern California’s most vulnerable residents are without a home […]

A Novel Solution for the Homeless: House Them in Backyards – The New York Times- 2018-10-28

By Jennifer Medina Oct. 29, 2018 LOS ANGELES — When she bought her tidy home with a renovated kitchen four years ago, Melina Chavarria was relieved to be in an area of Los Angeles County that she liked for a price she could afford. She strung a hammock up in the front yard, where she […]

Homelessness: A growing problem – Madera Tribune – 2018-10-28

Regardless of how you voted or will vote on Proposition 10 (the “rent control” initiative), I think that we can agree that homelessness is a growing social problem locally and statewide. And one cause is the cost of housing, and hence the price of rent. But, that’s only part of the story. However, clear and […]

Homelessness is a human rights issue – Real Change – 2018-10-24

Homeless encampments, slums and other informal dwellings exist in the poorest and richest countries in the world, and they represent a systemic violation of human rights, according to a new United Nations report. According to the report, prepared by U.N. Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha, nearly a quarter of the world’s urban population lives in informal […]

We can’t solve homelessness until we understand how we’ve made it worse – Washington Post – 2018-10-25

By Benjamin Holtzman October 25 at 6:00 AM In cities throughout the United States, municipal officials, residents and advocates are debating how to address the pressing issue of public homelessness. The problem: These conversations continue to overlook how property owners and businesses have shaped our abysmal response to homelessness over the past 40 years. A […]

A horrific childhood in China inspires a crusade against homelessness – CNN – 2018-10-04

By Allie Torgan, CNN Updated 2:23 PM ET, Thu October 4, 2018 Eureka, CA (CNN)Betty Chinn doesn’t sleep much. Each day before sunrise until well into the night, this petite woman in her 70s covers a lot of ground—tending to hundreds of people living in homelessness along California’s north coast. “I tell myself, ‘Time to […]

One Mans Experience being Homeless in California – Pacific Standard – 2018-10-3

‘WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY A TEMPORARY PLAN GOT KIND OF COMFORTABLE’: ONE MAN’S EXPERIENCE BEING HOMELESS IN CALIFORNIA Pacific Standard writer Jack Denton speaks with a childhood friend about the daily realities of living without a home. JACK DENTON 8 HOURS AGO A homeless man walks down the street in the downtown Skid Row area of […]

Mesa detective honored for his work with the homeless – East Valley Tribune – 2018-09-25

By Jason Stone, Tribune Staff Writer Mesa Police Detective Aaron Raine Mesa Police Detective Aaron Raine doesn’t want to win awards. He just wants to make a difference. But it turns out his impact has been so big that Arizona’s police chief association honored him as the top officer in the whole state. Thanks to […]

Homelessness: I Feel Your Pain, Or Do I? – NPR: KPCC- 2018-09-17

Last year, I interviewed a woman named Cheryl Taylor. The 63-year old wore pink bunny ears on top of her head. She was living on a San Diego sidewalk after being evicted from her home. She said the people living in the luxury high rise across the street didn’t know her story. They’d never asked. They just […]