Homelessness: I Feel Your Pain, Or Do I? – NPR: KPCC- 2018-09-17

Last year, I interviewed a woman named Cheryl Taylor. The 63-year old wore pink bunny ears on top of her head. She was living on a San Diego sidewalk after being evicted from her home. She said the people living in the luxury high rise across the street didn’t know her story. They’d never asked. They just […]

Proposition 2: Vote yes for a smart way to help the homeless – San Diego Union-Tribune – 2018-09-17

n 2004, California voters approved Proposition 63, which added a 1 percent tax on the income of those making more than $1 million a year to provide funds for mental health programs. This tax has since generated up to $2.5 billion a year. But a state audit released in February noted that the funds are often stashed by […]

A Portland Family’s Journey From Homelessness To Home – Oregon Public Broadcasting – 2018-09-03

Over the course of six months, the Dunham family sent radio diaries documenting their struggle first to find housing in Portland and then to keep it. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS:  Download In the Portland area, more than 4,000 people are homeless, according to the latest “point in time” count by government officials. One of the ways “Think Out […]

Homelessness: It’s not a crime to sleep on the street — absent other options, court says – S.F Chronicle – 2018-09-04

Cities can’t make it a crime to sleep on a public street or sidewalk when no homeless shelters are available, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday in a case that could affect so-called “sit/lie” ordinances in San Francisco and elsewhere. The constitutional ban on “cruel and unusual punishment,” under the Eighth Amendment, prohibits “criminal penalties […]

This Artist Is Humanizing The Homeless Through His Dynamic Portraits – Huff Post – 2018-07-12

When Brian Peterson first had the idea to paint Matt Faris’s portrait, his When Brian Pe goal was small. He just wanted to hang the painting in his home in Santa Ana, California. “I thought there was beauty in his face, and in his struggle,” Peterson said about Faris, who is experiencing homelessness. But after […]

Prop. 1 would give $4B for low-income, vet housing – Auburn Journal – 2018-09-04

Oct. 22 is the last day to register to vote in the General Election on Nov. 6. This is first in a series of articles outlining unbiased facts about each ballot proposition. The arguments for and against the measure listed at the end of the article are opinions of the proponents and opponents and have […]

San Francisco rolls out long-awaited system to track, help homeless

It’s wonky. It’s a bunch of data and names. And it will most likely save a lot of homeless people’s lives. For the past two years, program managers in San Francisco have been quietly crafting a system to closely track every homeless man, woman and child. The purpose is two-fold: to tailor housing, rehab and […]

Parking lots are the new solution to the homelessness crisis in cities — but they’re also part of the problem – Business Insider – 2018-09-04

As urban housing costs continue to soar, more homeless residents are living in cars than ever before. Despite local attempts to ban people from residing in their vehicles, safe parking programs are springing up in cities across the country — particularly along the West Coast. While parking lots offer a temporary solution to the homeless […]

MFDC summer 2018: 5 noteworthy multifamily projects – 2018-08-27

The 5 buildings highlight MFDC’s summer issue noteworthy projects section. MULTIFAMILY HOUSING | AUGUST 27, 2018 | MFDC EDITORS 325 Kent Exterior 1. DOMINO SUGAR FACTORY REMAKE GETS ITS FIRST OCCUPANTS 325 Kent Interior The 16-story, 800,000-sf 325 Kent building is the first structure to open at the $3 billion, 11-acre Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment […]

Dateline Shines Spotlight on Homelessness on Sunday – Dateline – 2018-08-17

By LAMBETH HOCHWALD For months, NBC News’ Craig Melvin has been crisscrossing the country, flying back and forth from New York City to Los Angeles, to put together a special hour-long Dateline report airing this Sunday, August 19, at 7 p.m. ET. In City of Angels, Melvin focuses his in-depth report on Skid Row, the […]